I’m here to empower you, witness you, hear your vision, and support you by calling forward your innate wisdom as you journey on this path of deep remembrance.

For women seeking devotion and self-discovery I provide supportive tools and experiences to invite transformation through grace and self-recognition. I work with clients who are committed to stepping into personal leadership by overcoming self-limiting beliefs, developing emotional mastery and taking aligned, heart-centered actions.

personal mentorship

Each year I welcome a small number of committed women, to work 1-on-1 with. These are women devoted to their path of feminine leadership and a deep call to serve. During our intimate 6-month or longer journey we sharpen the arrows of your intention, clarify your vision and take aligned action, refine and develop communication, confidence, trust, emotional mastery and most importantly give of yourself wholly to yourself and your service. If you’re serious about taking action in your life tell me more about yourself below.