Navigating the intersection of being human + holy


I’m here to empower you, witness you, hear your vision, and support you by calling forward your innate wisdom as you journey on this path of deep remembrance.

For women seeking devotion and self-discovery I provide supportive tools and experiences to invite transformation through alignment, grace, and self-recognition. I work with clients who are committed to stepping into personal leadership by overcoming self-limiting beliefs, developing emotional mastery and taking aligned, heart-centered actions.



With support, it’s simply easier. If you’re ready to more deeply embody the woman you know you came here to be fill out an application and let’s connect.


I feel like I have pieces of my soul back.

“Before working with Luna, I barely understood the concept of alignment. I now know it in my bones. 

Luna walked right beside me through the fire of several powerful initiations. She holds a beautifully loving and compassionate space, and doesn’t hold back what I truly need to hear. I would describe her style of guidance as powerful, pure and precise. 

At the completion of 6 beautiful, deep, and transformative months I feel more embodied, sovereign and free. I trust myself more. I’ve claimed my pleasure, my business and my life in all new ways. I’m able to not only accept, but celebrate, my gifts and talents… The ones I was most afraid of. The way I work with my own clients is dramatically different. I’m making more money doing a LOT more of what I love. I feel like I have pieces of my soul back. Pieces I didn’t know I was missing.” 

  • Karen Prosen // Oracular Women’s Leadership Mentor


Luna helped to midwife the inner leader in me

“In six months of working with Luna, I went from having big visions and ideas of how I wanted to lead and serve to taking grounded, aligned action to begin to birth those visions into being. I received the tools to overcome my incessant voice of doubt and fear and to lead from a place of trust and readiness. Luna helped to midwife the inner leader in me in a way that was authentic, devotional, and transformational. I am forever grateful for her guidance, and for the tools and inspiration I will carry with me for a lifetime.”

  • Arielle Gardner // Women’s Rite of Passage Ceremonialist + Coach


When I was in my greatest time of challenge and really stepping into my purpose my Mentor challenged me to see what they saw in me. Through their fierce love and clear reflection I was able to move through the misbeliefs I had adopted that were really holding me back and reclaim my power and sovereignty.

Each year I welcome a small number of committed clients to work 1-on-1 with.

This is my greatest passion and my mastery… to guide you in remembering who you are and what you came here to give. 

As your mentor, I’m all in. I’m here to witness you, see you clearly, love you unconditionally and challenge you to meet your edges with more grace than you think you have within you. 

This is an opportunity for those who are sincere and ready to receive support to honor their deep call to serve in a path of alignment. During our intimate 6-month journey we sharpen the arrows of your intention, clarify your vision, develop a strategy, and take aligned action while refining and developing communication, confidence, trust, emotional mastery and most importantly giving yourself wholly to yourself and your service.

My zone of genius is hearing the subconscious meaning underneath what you share and providing neutral inquiry and somatic practices to aid you in bringing what has been unacknowledged into the light. Making the unconscious conscious, so that you can reclaim your power and own the narrative that is your life.

This is a holistic mentorship. Our time is here to align your wellbeing, your creativity, your sense of purpose, your relationships, emotional landscape, creativity, finances, and childlike nature.

This isn’t for just part of you… it’s for all of you: to know you’re not alone, to have a hand to hold, and to be witnessed in your ongoing rites of passage.

If you’re heartfelt about taking action in your life tell me more about yourself below.



  • I reserve my 1-on-1 mentorships for a limited number of committed and sincere individuals who are ready to make a high-level investment in themselves, take responsibility for their choices, and have the willingness to step into aligned action.

  • Mentorships are a minimum of a 6-month commitment.

  • Sessions are done from anywhere you are by video chat.


I found more clarity and understanding than I had in years of traditional therapy

“In just a few short sessions with Luna I found more clarity and understanding around some of my issues than I had in years of traditional therapy. She is compassionate and generous and kind. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.”

  • Laura Foster // Executive Coach


She is a gift of grace, beauty and insight with a deep well of compassion.

“Luna helped me connect more fully with the intelligence that resides in my body. She helped me recognize incongruities when I was saying one thing yet feeling another. While I thought I had done the “work” on my childhood trauma, my body was telling me I was not complete and she guided me to deeper healing. I emerged from those 6 months with a beloved friend, guide, and mentor who helped me to release my old limiting patterns and reclaim the deep beauty and resiliency that resides in my spirit.

She is a gift of grace, beauty and insight with a deep well of compassion. I recommend her with my whole heart. Her devotion is radiant.”

  • Mary Thoma || Founder of Heart Centered Essentials