The Medicine of Desires

I notice as we move out of the "new" energy of January with all the hype of "New Year = New You" (blahhhh), all the resolutions it can bring us further away from change and commitments and back into the mundane of our comfort zones.

So how can we stay connected to our deeper callings and desires for change?

One of the first things for me is discerning where my desire for change really comes from. Is it from a communication of readiness and awareness of the potential for my own growth? Or, is it coming from a place of lack, feeling that when I get this thing then everything will be right/better?

Yesterday, I was talking about this with the women in our Pleasure + Receptivity course... We were looking at desire and longing.

These are truly two of my favorite experiences as they hold such valuable information for me. When I choose to look at that feeling inside me, that pull, that draw to be closer to something, even a version of myself, I feel it as coming home. 

Our wants, and desires, what we long to have/be/experience/know can simply be informing us of our readiness to step into a quality of our own being that we 1. are ready to deepen in or cultivate more of and 2. will support us in being in alignment with the receptivity of said desire or something better.

I love this something better piece because what I often see is that if we focus on the qualities of being and becoming we land in a new place, a place where our desires can change as we change. So we can align ourselves to what is here for us in this new place of being as we arrive in each moment.

Let us be mindful of clinging to wants from the past, they may not acknowledge the fullness of who we are now.

So I invite you to look back at a month ago when maybe you were setting goals, intentions, resolutions and look at what all those things are really calling you to become. 

What if...
As you call for these things, they are also calling for you.

I invite you to play with this perspective as you move through this Year with a new approach to receiving your hearts desires.