How to Activate the Muse as your Life Partner

Connection in relationship activates power + inspiration.

Another episode of Full Spectrum Living TV ready to view! Today I'm talking about one of the most important relationships in my life and how I receive inspiration and motivation from the Unseen.

Our relationships is one of the biggest places where we can exert our greatest power in how we choose to show up in each moment, in thought, word and action. It's a great place to explore:

Are we creating and contributing to more freedom and trust or co-dependency and fear?

Today, we'll dive deeply into the exploration of:

✹ deepening in trust ✹
✹ honoring and quieting the doubt ✹
✹ kicking up your devotion a few notches ✹
✹ coming into greater Union within yourself ✹
✹ marrying the masculine and feminine within ✹
✹ showing up to honor your purpose like never before ✹
✹ cultivating and maintaining a flow state ✹

Today's episode is:
Muse as Life Partner

Hope you enjoy the video blog and this episode of Full Spectrum Living TV. I'd love for you to share your questions, comments, and personal truths and remembrances with us in the comments.

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All my love on your journey of being both human + holy.