How We Forge a New Era in Leadership

Powerful leadership embodies a marriage of empathy + action.

I've brought back Full Spectrum Living TV. These are 20ish minute videos, here on the blog and every Thursday. These weekly inspiring videos from me are intended to offer collective conversations on living a full life at the intersection of Human + Holy.

You are encouraged to share your comments below on today’s episode

In today’s episode of Full Spectrum Living TV we look at the old paradigm of leadership that has been modeled for us and see what's out of alignment. We will cultivate a greater sense of what qualities of being can be cultivated in the New Era of Leadership, this way we can do regular check-ins with ourselves and each other. 

Qualities of Leadership

out of balance/wounded masculine
rooted in a power struggle
burnout / stress / sacrifice

community oriented
rooted in self-care and nourishment

This is not me being an authority on leadership, it is an invitation for a community discussion so please share your take on this, what resonates, what doesn't and what you're inclined to add to the dialogue.

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