This series of heartfelt discussions are warmly offered through Luna Love and 18 Women of Devotion who will inspire a deeper sense of alignment, purpose, and inner-knowing on this journey of being human.


Guest Speakers // Womxn of Devotion


Love for the Series

“I found out about you through Maryam Hasnaa, who posted your Women of Devotion Series, and I fell in love. I felt especially connected to the conversations with Anahita Joon and Lady Dane and it has gotten me through a hard time. I’m now a fan of your podcast and you're one of the few mailing lists I am always happy to hear from, because you’re committed to providing beauty and connection everything you do. Thank you.”

- Irene

“I adored listening to these beautiful, inspiring, heart warming and soul nourishing interviews so much! Listening to them was such a support for me in my own remembering.... my soul led me here to remember and understand (again & more deeply) the divine and beauty in everything. As I write this I am smiling from the memory of moments within the interviews where I felt a deep resonance and it brought deep emotion and encouragement. Lady Dane talking about walking your talk... 'Distractions’ during meditation only being distractions because of our judgement, and my tears as Nicola talked directly to us saying: ‘Go for a walk and surrender - let it go.’ Thank you for this creation. Thank you for all you are and all you do.”

- Tasha

“I really wanted to thank you so much for this series of interviews and for the focus on devotion. This has been a challenging month for me and at some point, watching these as I painted, was the salve my heart needed. I have been inspired by all the shares from these women and I have also been lead to inquire within me what Devotion is to me. I found myself thinking that I am devoted to myself and my process at the moment. They are the most important things for me and I look forward to reflecting on this further. I find myself longing for a group of women such as these and for conversations such as these. I created some inspired paintings while listening to these interviews. Feeling immense gratitude for your calling and for bringing it to the world.”

- Pelágia


Your Host // Luna Grace Isbell-Love


Welcome Home Beloved


I'm honored to have been chosen by the Muse to birth this offering through my vessel. Our popular podcast, Ladies Who Lead, that hosted for 2 1/2 years spoke to myself and the team about a rebirth and it's led us to the exploring the realm of Devotion. We have created an inspiring photo series, a evocative short film, and what you're about to sign up for, The Womxn of Devotion Interview Series. It has been a gift to explore this world and deepen on my own path.

I hope you gain that and so much more as you dive in with this divine group of women.

I'm a Woman of Devotion myself and my path has been a winding one, leading me to where I share with you today. I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world. Crossing that threshold into the land of no return has been a choice that is anchored within me and always beings me home.

I'm looking forward to this series being a communal engagement and hearing what unfolds for you all. We'll be having that discussion in the Sisterhood of Remembrance Facebook group, and we can't wait to welcome you there.

With love and humble devotion,