You have walked this path before.

For lifetimes you have known what it is to be a Priestess.
A Devotee.  A Warrior of the Way.
There is an embodiment awakening within you on this path of Remembrance.

You are here at this time for a reason.
You are a vehicle for transformation on the planet right now.

This is not only your birthright, but your responsibility.

You, Beloved, are invited to an initiatory gateway of practice, prayer and purpose through the reawakening of Magdalene and the Rose lineage within you.

Gift yourself an devotional weekend retreat with myself + Karen Serafina Prosen at an



Venus Codes + The Abundant Priestess

November 8-10th 2019 || Gainesville, FL


Soul Blueprint + Healing as Activism

March 20-22nd 2020 || New York, NY


Filling the Inner Well

July 19-26th 2020 || Glastonbury, England