Ep. 116 || Honoring the Threshold + Prayers for the New Year


Inspired by the New Year your host Luna Love is here to honor this threshold, a time of completion and new beginnings. And in this time we can reflect on what has transpired this year to get us where we stand today and how it has shaped us to step forward into the new year with greater awareness, sense of self, and purposefulness. It is important to mention that no matter when you tune in, this will be applicable to your life as the new beginning can begin whenever we wish, it doesn’t have to be January 1st. We get to decide. We get to prepare, postpone, or pretend.

Luna Grace Isbell-Love is a Woman of Devotion, Soul Midwife and Transformational Leadership Mentor assisting today’s leading changemakers in sharing their full presence and offerings with clear vision and aligned action. She provides supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom through 1:1 mentorships, workshops, immersions, large events, and retreats internationally.

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  • Reflection for the purpose of greater awareness

  • Defining the meaning of the word threshold

  • Identifying events in our lives that become passages

  • The impact of our daily, monthly, yearly thresholds

  • The dignity that all death deserves

  • Consciously preparing for a death

  • Designing our personal portal

  • My prayer for 2019


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