Ep. 117 || Reclaiming Pleasure as Medicine with Miriam Elyse


Allowing ourselves to receive, not indulge in, more pleasure is the pathway to healing in life. In this episode with our guest Miriam Elyse, Tantra and Embodiment Coach, we dive into the ways in which so many of us as women have been conditioned to not express ourselves fully, particularly our sensual and erotic nature. Miriam shares how she has liberated herself from the patterns of playing small, her responses to trauma, and how we can all find permission in our own embodiment and way of being. We talk about healing the epidemic of the undernourished woman, and how to let life fill us for receiving pleasure in all contexts of life.

Miriam Elyse is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Sacred Tantra Coach and founder of Pleasure as Medicine. Miriam has studied healing practices from Tantric, Taoist, and Native American Medicine lineages for over 14 years. She experienced an awakening of incredible power inside of her body for the first time when she found Tantra Yoga. Since then, Miriam has dedicated her healing practice to helping women connect with their sensual bodies, and couples connect through the pleasure of presence. 

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Using what feel like blocks as doorways

  • Women’s most common blocks around receiving pleasure

  • Benefits of authentic self-care and self-love

  • How receptivity and pleasure effect your relationships, your health your self-expression,

    your sex-life, and your bank account

  • How shifting your mindset doesn’t equate to healing

  • Listening to our bodies, the earth, and our natural rhythms

  • Finding trust in order to open and surrender

  • Her 6-step proven program and upcoming master class


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Resources shared in this episode:

  • Join us for the Art of Pleasure Masterclass, a free webinar where we explore how not only to discover and identify our blocks but to move through and heal them through our 6-step proven process.

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