Welcome Beloved.

I’m Luna Grace Isbell-Love


I’m here to be a witness and guide to your remembrance.

I am a transformational mentor, writer, podcast host + truthteller here to support today’s femme leaders align one’s actions with one’s soul purpose.

Together we will walk through the thresholds of your earthly sojourn. We will cultivate maturity and self-tending with a balance of both discipline and devotion as you embody the woman you know you came here to be.

I support you to be sovereign within your own self-knowing, to take up space, and to be shameless in your self-expression.

I’m here to disprove the productivity myth, and reclaim pleasure.

I wholeheartedly believe your presence is more powerful than how much you can do, and that no matter your gifts, you are a valuable contribution. I believe pleasure + receptivity are the missing ingredients in feeling whole + holy.

And I’m here to redefine leadership as: breath, movement, congruency, lived-wisdom, awareness, embodiment, equitable, accountable, pleasurable + circular.