Maybe you’ve been calling for a connection, a sanctuary, a refuge, a support… on your path of remembrance.

Maybe you’re looking at a grave challenge or fork in the road.

Maybe you’re being asked to deepen your own inner knowing and courage, and you need support finding it.

Maybe you just want to strategize and organize all your ideas into a plan that can take you there.

Maybe you’re seeking clarity…

I’m offering eleven 60-min 1-on-1 sessions at $111 each

*There are only 11 sessions: first come, first serve, 1 session per person, to be fulfilled in the next 3 weeks max

**The only way to work with me 1-1 has been to sign up for a 6-month journey (which starts in the mid 4-figures) so I’m excited to be working with some people who’ve wanted to do that but couldn’t afford it or it wasn’t the right timing.

If you’re ready to connect to and cultivate greater confidence in your inner knowings, LET’S DO THIS!

If you’re ready to step into the next version of you that is calling you forward, LET’S DO THIS!

If you’re feeling stuck and need some support moving through it, LET’S DO THIS! 

If you’re ready to remember parts of yourself that have been seeking your attention, LET’S DO THIS!