My mission as a women’s leadership mentor is to align with your divine essence, support the deepening of your authentic purpose, clarify your heart-felt vision and cultivate a sense of empowered self-trust so you can meet all aspects of your life in embodied mastery. My intention is to guide, uplift and encourage you to believe all is possible.





Corinne Salas

Account Manager

“ I am so grateful to be in the place I am now, as I look back over the past year. I think of my last session with Luna, feeling like a bird in her hand flying away to find my bliss in all of my life’s experiences. Being able to show up from a place of love is so awesome! In the past I would have not known how to let my feelings move through me, I would have shoved them down, but today I choose differently. I choose to feel. I thank Luna so much for all she has shown me and her continued support.”

“I experienced Luna as gentle, caring and honest. I felt she created a safe, warm space for me to open up and be vulnerable. Through her many modalities of facilitation: meditation, guided journeying, talk therapy and other sacred practices, I was able to go deep into myself and find clarity regarding my issues. Luna was available to me when I needed, but also gave me the tools to continue the healing process after working with her. She brought lightness and optimism to my issues that previously felt burdensome. She’s a true blessing. I’m grateful to have worked with her.”

Kathryn P.

Millennial Philanthropist

Aiyanna Sage

Dreamwork + Wilderness Leadership Coach

“In Luna I see so much grounded power, a power rooted in the fullest love and understanding of humanity and the journey of the soul. She is an inspiration for me on the path of finding my true heart. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for her.”

Laura Foster

Accessories Designer

“In just a few short sessions with Luna I found more clarity and understanding around some of my issues than I had in years of traditional therapy. She is compassionate and generous and kind. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.”

Substance Lagarde

Lyricist & Vision Catalyst

“Luna’s focus and attention creates a fertile and powerful place to share sacred time together. It opens a palpable connection to my Higher Self that assists our work. In our sessions, I have felt a strong, inviting energy to safely go much deeper than I have allowed myself to in other circumstances. She presents an unmatched call to accountability and growth, that opens the door for me to access what I long for within, take responsibility, and align my life.”

Mitch A.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Sessions with Luna bring me to Love, as though Love were a place that took on a reality the way air and floor take on a reality. I felt the love permeate into my bones, felt that I was within the reality of Love. When someone I care about needs a healer of the heart, I send them to Luna. I hold Luna in her own class because while other healers (including myself) heal through our spirits and the esoteric or shamanic ability that flows, Luna heals through Heart.”

“Luna alone is worth every penny of the tens of thousands of dollars spent in treatment. She has changed my life. She has helped me more than all the therapists I’ve seen on my treatment teams and has made a huge impact in my life. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and now I’m ready to create the life I know I deserve.”

Chris S.

Client at Passages Malibu

Elizabeth Bridges

Health & Nutrition Coach

“During the time I had the pleasure of working with Luna, she created a beautiful space for me to experience myself. With her support I was able to access my emotions and feel safe to share them with her. I feel Luna is very intuitive and her guidance comes from a powerful and grounded place. I highly recommend working with Luna because I truly believe in the value of what she offers.”

Amateo R.

Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs

“Luna Love is a uniquely gifted, remarkably intelligent and highly-cultured Woman of the Earth. She is a shinning example of what it means to live in harmony with nature, and is so astonishingly well versed in ancient-rooted practices. Truly, Luna has continuously shone herself as an endless well-spring of Divine Wisdom perfectly retrofitted for our modern-World. I’ve had the honor of working with Luna, and it’s always an immense gift. The World needs more Luna Love!”

“A course facilitated by Luna awakened me to portals within myself that I knew of, but did not know how to access. With the tools she shared, I feel completely supported in exploring the depths of my darkness and rejoicing in the truth of my fullness. Grateful to her for opening this path for me, and so many others.”

Arielle Gardner

Mother + Urban Gardner

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