Each day my prayer is to remember myself as…


a vessel for grace

the answer to my ancestors prayers

a servant of the Divine

the potentiality of intimacy + creation made manifest

temporary matter and endless spirit

living and dying simultaneously

everything and nothing


I am an multidisciplinary artist and healer, devotee, medicine woman, shadow-walker, maker, foodie, lover of nature, soul-midwife, and transformational leadership mentor who is devoted to supporting you in embracing your unapologetically magnetic, sovereign, and embodied life.


With love of a grandmother guides one to their deep inner knowing

“Luna is one of the most talented and incredible listeners I have ever come across. She has a powerful ability to hear beyond words, beyond the mind’s stories, and beyond what one thinks is the reason for something and to truly bring the soul's truth forward. She listens to the soul. She hears the truth and with love of a grandmother guides one back to their deep inner knowing. Luna has a deeply spiritual way of relating, but also a very practical and grounded. She helped me to overcome my emotional blocks and areas of overwhelm and helped to guide in the small action steps needed to achieve my dreams. Luna is someone deeply committed to love, to the rising of the feminine, to empowerment on a soul level. If you are ready to face the truth, even when its not easy to hear. If you are ready to receive love from someone who will shape-shift based on your needs: moving from mother, to grandmother, to sister, to teacher, to student… then Luna is the one for you. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life.

  • J’aime Gianopolous // Film Maker + Photographer

I stand here today on the stolen land of the Chumash people, which is known today as Ojai, CA. I use she/her pronouns. I’m of mixed cultures and races and present in the world as a white, cisgender woman, though I do not identify that way.


I am here because my ancestors have walked many lands, in many times, with the courage to accept the call, nourishing the seeds of life and support their growth the best they knew how – one of the most sacred acts we can say yes to. 

Life has taken me on a wild and crazy ride (you too, huh?) to be where I am today: Living on-purpose, leading with my heart, being nourished by thriving relationships, community, and a partnership where I feel completely met, balanced with work and service that fulfills me in every way.

I feel truly blessed. 

It wasn’t always this way, and it won’t be this way forever. We ebb and we flow – meeting these edges of myself with compassion and grace has been the continual learning curve. As early as eight years old, I remember searching for something to hold on to, a sense of identity. 

Through the years, that sense of identity has been invited to be crafted and shed countless times. At age 13, everything changed, my mom died of breast and bone cancer. This was the loss of a lifetime. My beliefs about “maturity” prevented me from grieving and I refused to acknowledge my hurt. I wore a mask for years to hide my deep sadness and lived in denial of the true loneliness, anger and depression within.

Life continued, ladder climbing through the fashion industry, moving across the country by myself, spiritual awakenings, letting it all go, finding a path of service, falling in love, miscarrying my first child, heartbreak, and the grief I never let in from my mother’s passing was invited back into my life. This time I courageously said yes. 

The waves that have moved me through decades of unacknowledged emotions have become good friends. I’ve become familiar with grief, having learned to welcome it as an ally, seeing it as an invitation to shed any sense of self that is attached to something that is not truly who I AM. The path of emotional mastery has begun – A devotion to using each moment to increase my capacity to give and receive love.


One thing I’ve learned is there is no greater place to build a strong foundation than rock bottom. 

It has been the gift of deepening with myself that has allowed me to step into my calling. In addition to my rewarding work, I am devoted to social justice advocacy in many forms including working with the incarcerated and addiction care communities. I received my Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, continue studies in ancestral arts and make time for personal creative expression.


The amazing life I have now has come through my devotion to creating a loving relationship with myself, full of self-honoring choices, where I can embody my true essence – A LOVING, CONFIDENT, SENSUAL, EMPOWERED, AUTHENTIC, LEADER. 

I’ve rebuilt. I’ve rebirthed. And I have all the tools I need within me to do it again.

Ready to step into Alignment?

I’m ready to help you. Let’s do it together!



She’s shown me a deeper and more complete way of being

“More than my other mentors, and I’ve had many, Luna in particular has shown me a deeper and more complete way of being in the world as a professional. I would describe it as learning there is no need for rigidity or “boundaries”, because we can be deeply secure in who you are and lead from a place that allows you to be your full self all the time. I have learned a lot from that, and I am learning more how to embody that myself, in my way.”

  • Rachel Goldberg || Rabbinic Student at Alliance for Jewish Renewal




Luna is a Woman of Devotion, Soul Alignment Leadership Mentor and host of the podcast, Radical Remembrance. With a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Luna works at the intersection of human and holy. She assists today’s leading changemakers to achieve clear vision and aligned action by cultivating personal awareness, developing emotional mastery, sharpening their mindset, and embodying their sovereign and spiritual wisdom. She is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation. Luna offers 1-on-1 mentorships, online group programs, in-person workshops, and transformational retreats internationally. Most of all she is here to walk a path of beauty and grace. You can learn more about her and her offerings at lunaloveleadership.com.

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